What’s in it for me?

In a world with changes in healthcare, toxic environments, and a fast-paced lifestyle, we all need a wellness strategy. Loving ourselves and our families is where we start. How do we do that?

Our emotional state is a good place to start. Life happens (there are circumstances that we cannot control), but we can control our response to whatever is thrown at us. Then there are relationships and circumstances that we do have control over. We have to love ourselves enough to surround ourselves with loving, encouraging and uplifting people. We have to set a pace that we can keep up with. We have to ground ourselves spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. Be thinking about ways you can clean up your emotional environment.

Make sure you are drinking clean water and plenty of it. Do your research. What is the truth about all that is in your tap water? What is the truth about plastic bottles?

There are some really great water filters out there as well as some glass bottles that make traveling with water easy.

Think through the nutrients, oxygen, and other life-giving support your body is getting. Are you giving your body all that it needs to really function properly? Are there ways to help our bodies get all that they need?

We’ll address more of this in future blog posts, so keep an eye out.

In the meantime, how can essential oils support me in my wellness strategy?

We’re learning all the time and loving all that we are learning and experiencing. There are oils that can:

*Help relax muscles

*Help with upset stomach

*Provide support for the nervous system

*Support healthy lung function

*Help alleviate occasional nervous irritability

*Help maintain normal blood sugar levels

*Support the immune system

*Support healthy joint and cartilage function

*Help maintain cholesterol levels already in the normal range

*Help alleviate minor aches

and pains associated with daily life

*Support the lungs and sinuses

*Help support healthy bone structure

*Reduce absentmindedness

*Help promote emotional well-being

*Help alleviate the occasional blue

feeling everyone experiences from time to time

*Help alleviate nausea

*Slow signs of aging on the skin, such as liver spots

*Support heart muscle function

*Support kidney health and function

*Encourage proper nasal function

*Promote restful sleep

*Help with hot flashes

*Help with non-cystic acne

*Help mild memory problems associated with aging

*Help alleviates symptoms such as gas, bloating, pressure, fullness, stuffed feeling, and occasional gas

*Help with occasional stress, minor anxiety, nervous tension, nervousness due to common, everyday overwork and fatigue

*Promote a relaxed feeling, calming, and relaxing

*Gently soothe away tension

*Help with occasional constipation

*Help with relief of occasional heartburn

*Help with prevention and treatment of nausea and vomiting or dizziness

associated with motion

*Help with muscle pain after exercise

We’ve found that just getting them out of the kit and using them is the best way for you to experience all the ways Young Living essential oils can support you and your family in your wellness strategy. Enjoy them!

Thank you again for joining us in the Oils Revolution!